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Safety is TB's upmost priority. We continuously strive to achieve zero Loss Time Injuries (LTI), while ensuring personal safety and the wellbeing of our employees and stakeholders at all times remains our prime responsibility.

In efforts to accomplish our ambitious goals TB has developed its integrated safety programme called SASA (Stay Alert Stay Aware). SASA has currently been well implemented, constantly monitored and evaluated regularly..



Safety At Land, Underwater & Sea

We are fully aware, timely reports, seamless communication, and the Internet of Things (IoT) is very crucial in the decision-making process and may affect the desired outcome of our projects.  From that idea, coupled with our compliance with the digital era dictated by Industry 4.0, since 2019, we have developed and deployed an integrated Safety-Health-and-Environment (SHE) Management platform called SALUS™ (Safety at Land, Underwater, and Sea). SALUS™ enables us to exchange and distribute SHE-related information in real-time, including accident and incident reports, hazard identification, risk assessment, risk control, and an overall SHE performance evaluation.

Timur Bahari - SALUS
Timur Bahari - salus

Stay Alert Stay Aware

Sustainability of Timur Bahari,

depends on our ability  to continue innovate

& put safety as a priority to support the projects we are working on.



Upmost Priority

TImur Bahari always upgrades its systems and continuously improves technology-based work safety programs. With the integration system that we have developed, we can monitor all activities in each project at any time. Timur Bahari is very concerned with work safety in order to optimize employees while doing safety operation work, we have a scheduled training program with easy-to-understand learning methods. In addition to regular drill schedules, we also make lesson-learned videos that are easy to access from anywhere. These safety topics were based on crucial activities or risks that were expected during the project.

We create Safety Awarding night in order to appreciate employees who improved safety performance in our project. We belive, what we done can make safety becomes a culture in every line of the company.

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